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1. I love to knit.
2. I have been married to the same man since 1978.
3. Ron & I were friends for two years, lovers for two years, and then we got married.
4. He dated my best friend – WAY before he dated me.
5. I have yet to knit him a sweater.
6. We have two grown children: Eva (born in ’82) and Owen (born in ’86).
7. Last year, I knit a sweater for Owen that he wears every day.
8. Eva and I have gone to six rock concerts together.
9. I hope we’ll go to more.
10. I am more than half a century old.
11. I don’t feel like I’m over the hill.
12. Learning how to yodel really helped.
13. As did buying a red (“inferno red”) PT Cruiser, in which I yodel frequently.
14. And I also dyed my hair bright red
15. In the olden days, I was a hippie chick.
16. I still am.
17. I hitchhiked through Europe in 1971 (Kids, do as I say, not as I did!).
18. I was in Europe for ten months, then I went to New York for 14 months. Then I came back to Berkeley and I've lived here ever since. I’ve returned to New York at least nine times since then. It’s one of my most favorite places.
19. I went to college when I was 37 years old.
20. I have a bachelor’s degree from U.C. Berkeley in Anthropology
21. And a master’s degree in Cultural Resources Management from Sonoma State University.
22. Now I work as an Environmental Planner.
23. I like my job.
24. I am a crafty gal: I knit, sew, crochet, bead, dye, embroider, cross-stitch, quilt, papier maché, paint (the house), etc, etc, etc, but mostly I like to knit.
25. Obsessively.
26. I have four siblings: one sister and three brothers. The two oldest are identical twins.
27. I live in the house I grew up in..
28. Mom & Dad live six blocks away in the “new” house (they’ve lived there for over 30 years.)
29. My favorite thing to do with my dad is go fishing in a boat.
30. He is the best fisherman I know.
31. I would do just about anything with my mom, especially shopping, eating out, walking.
32. I am the fattest person in my family.
33. My brothers are stringbeans.
34. My sister is a very crafty quilter.
35. She also has five kids!
36. I am a fifth generation Californian.
37. There aren’t that many of us.
38. The most important people in my life were born in June.
39. OK, Some of them were also born in May. July! August!
40. Did I leave anyone important out?
41. We only have girl pets: a red miniature Dachshund named Schatzi,, a white short-haired mutt named Zelda (my first grand-dog), a grey tabby named Papi (the inside cat), and a fluffy tortoiseshell named Aska (the outside cat). Zelda’s litter mate, Snooty (my second grand-dog) lives with us sometimes when my daughter’s out of town.
42. Schatzi sleeps in our bed.
43. So does Papi.
44. Zelda sleeps in a bed in the corner now that Owen's gone. - Aw, come on! It has a doggie heating pad.
45. Schatzi and I frequently take long walks at 6 a.m.
46. Then we go to the coffee shop and talk. Well, she doesn’t talk. Not technically, so it’s really me who does most of the talking.
47. I talk a lot.
48. Usually a little too loudly.
49. People shush me frequently.
50. Or yell at me about it at the oddest times.
51. I don’t yell back.
52. But I do get more impatient with it the older I get.
53. I wouldn’t mind it so much if they just weren’t so rude. Why are people so damned rude?
54. I used to be in theater.
55. That’s how I met my husband.
56. He lit my show.
57. I thought I was marrying an artist.
58. Now he’s an accountant.
59. I acted, made costumes, did wardrobe, built sets, made wigs, etc…
60. Been there - done that.
61. I was also a clown.
62. Been there - done that, too.
63. I love to sing, especially loud corny songs. THE LOUDER THE BETTER!!
64. I love to make up new loud and corny lyrics to songs I already know so I can embarrass my children and my friends.
65. They actually like it.
66. I can be very embarrassing (remember, I do know how to yodel)
67. I also play the concertina, the ukulele, and the autoharp.
68. I’m trying to figure out my goal for turning sixty. I met all of my other decade goals: to have kids by the time I was thirty, to figure out what I wanted to be by the time I was forty, and to be doing it by the time I was fifty. I was too much of a teenaged stoner to figure out what I wanted to do or that I even ought to have a goal to meet by the time I was twenty.
69. Oh! I know what I want to do by the time I'm sixty, cruise through the Panama Canal.
70. Even though I love history and work as a preservationist, I would probably be dead if I lived in the “good old days.”
71. Advances in medical technology and diagnostic techniques saved me from that fate.
72. Living in the modern age is just fine with me.
73. Even if we do have to put up with the current administration, and a war in Iraq.
74. But please, don’t even try to re-institute the draft and conscript any of the kids I know. We already fought this battle thirty-five years ago, and I’m about to become a screaming radical again. An over-the-hill peacenik.
75. I like to travel, and I don't mind doing it on my own.
76. Especially if I get to go to New York.
77. But the best part about traveling is returning home.
78. I accumulate things (you should see my yarn stash).
79. My husband gets rid of things.
80. But we get along pretty well.
81. I’m not a good housekeeper.
82. Someone comes to clean my house once a week.
83. It is S-O-O-O-O worth it.
84. I don’t cook as much as I used to.
85. That’s ok. We eat well because Ron is an excellent cook.
86. I suffer from many dietary intolerances: no wheat, no dairy (except goat) and NO caffeine.
87. There is a whole world of other grains, delicious goat or sheep cheeses, and herbal teas out there
88. Sometimes, though, I miss raviolis and crusty French bread.
89. I am a s-l-o-w reader.
90. Sometimes it’s hard to get through a whole book.
91. Knitting books are easy. Especially books about the Zen of knitting.
92. I am easily distracted.
93. I have knitting ADD.
94. So I have many projects going at the same time.
95. My idea of a perfect day is staying in my pajamas, never going out (not even for the paper), sitting on our ginormous king-sized bed all day, watching movies and making progress on the knitting projects. Really, it’s like having a mini vacation.
96. I don’t mind watching movies alone. Even in the movie theater.
97. Sometimes I prefer it.
98. I don’t get to spend that much time alone.
99. Because, really, I’m a people person.
100. That’s one of my great strengths.